Alumni Resources

resourcesSo, you graduated from the GPA program. And you’re feeling like a new person, with hope and aspirations bubbling all over.

      What’s next?

Allow us to offer some suggestions.

Leverage your GPA alumni status and experience for success.

On GPA you can make friends for life. Friends have your back when it matters. And you should expect that alumni care, so give them a try on your way along the journey of life. And don’t forget to return any favors.

Network like Crazy

Use the GPA alumni network to find and learn about opportunities like jobs, housing, courtship, business, etc. Be patient, GPA staff is working on setting up an online social network that will help you find, get and stay in touch with alumni.

Résumé on Steroids

Yeah, we know of alumni who have not been shy putting their GPA experience on their résumé. Employers are impressed when they realize your strength from spending serious time marketing door-to-door, going overseas to care for less-fortunate people, and perhaps managing a team of people through stressful moments. Who wants to hire potheads.

Go to college or otherwise learn some career skills.

Getting an education will cost some money. But look at it as an investment: statistics show that it pays back in the long run.

Education & Schools

Good education and schools are not hard to find. The following websites provide valuable information regarding your education objectives, although not always for free.

A commercial site at
A commercial site at

Financial Aid

Most people are not born with a silver spoon in their mouth. The following websites provide information on financial aid, although not always for free.

A government site at
A commercial site at


Don’t leave money on the table, scholarships are yours to be had. The following websites provide information on scholarships, although not always for free.

A government site at
A commercial site at

Learn how to manage your money.

Let’s face it, it is so easy to spend money. Earning it seems to be a lot harder. A lot of people resent money, or having to make money, as a necessary evil. That is a bit misguided, though. It is wealth, when not re-invested for better, that may raise eyebrows.


Ancient gold coin.

Money is little more than a tool, an intermediary, that helps us cooperate with each other.

Fact is that we cannot live all by ourselves. Most people do not even know what it takes to make a simple pencil. So, we need each other as we have to consume products and services made by those others. How do we compensate others for their expense?

By offering our own products and services in exchange for theirs. Money just makes that process so much more convenient. Imagine that you need to buy a loaf of bread and try to pay the baker with a bucket of apples from your backyard tree. “I got my own apple tree in the backyard,” says the baker. Oops.

Compound Interest

Albert Einstein is believed to have said that the greatest invention ever made is that of compound interest. It’s not a material invention like the wheel, it is a social invention like the game of soccer. Read more about the power of compound interest and start saving some of your money today.

Budgeting Skills

Debits and credits, who cares? We do; and perhaps you, too.

To be continued…