Update from the Cheon Il Guk Missionairies

On Sunday, March 26, we had a Héroes event, where we gathered and discussed about the environment in Costa Rica and what we as young people can do to make the environment safer and cleaner for future generations. CARP leader, señor Manho Woo, spoke about the third blessing, having dominion over creation, through first understanding our Heavenly Parent and True Parents’ heart.

Last Sunday we welcomed two new American missionaries, Sunny and Esther Pisano, to CARP Costa Rica. They will be joining us for the remainder of our time here. Before they arrived, they spent 40 days in the Hyo Jeong Cheon Won Training Center in Korea, and from there they traveled to Los Angles and then Las Vegas for witnessing training. On Tuesday, five new missionaries from Korea arrived here in Costa Rica for their nine-month mission.
The theme for our USA event this week was “Individual Perfection”. A common misconception of Individual Perfection is never making mistakes, but Individual Perfection stems from unconditional love that is universal. The desire for the event was for our guests to be able to open their hearts to learn to see instances in life as an opportunity to grow our hearts to love.