GPA Participants Have Lunch with Dr. Kim!

America’s first rendition of the CIG Missionary effort, initiated by True Mother, is being undertaken by GPA and recently was in Las Vegas for witnessing and Divine Principle lecture training before they go overseas for their 90 day mission.

CIG pic 2

During their stay Dr. Kim invited them out to lunch and shared intimately about how important their experience on GPA is to their lives of faith.  Dr. Kim often speaks of how his time as a missionary when he was younger was the foundation for much that he was able to accomplish in his life.  This time the missionaries in training were able to both listen and speak to Dr. Kim of their own experiences, families, and lives in a personal way, which was wonderful on both ends.

This and more blessings are sure to come for GPA and we wish the CIG Missionary group all the best as they travel to the Philippines to do God’s work.